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What is the world’s most narrative vegetable?

There is a question that’s been debated since people began debating things, more than six years ago. It’s disagreement on this question which led to the fall of Atlantis, but also to the first explorations of space. The “Greek Miracle” in architecture, mathematics and so on came from considering this question, but so too did the fall of the Roman Empire and the death of Farmer Servius Cominius’ dog.

What is the most narrative vegetable?

Some might say the humble potato, for it fits into so many types of preparations, just like a good plotting tool (for example the try-fail cycle) fits into many a story. Others might say, “NO!! It is the chili, which injects heat into a meal, just like dramatic conflict is the heart of every story.” Others say, “The chili is not technically a vegetable!”

Without causing any more cataclysms, I submit herewith that the most narrative of all vegetables is the artichoke. Why you ask?

Here is a standard plot diagrams. 99.9 percent of films and novels follow this basic structure.

basic plot diagram

Now behold the subjective artichoke eating experience. Notice that the stages of eating an artichoke correspond more closely with the classic plot diagram than those of any other vegetable.


I hope this conclusion will lay to rest this ancient conundrum so that humanity can get on with doing other stuff.

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