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What kind of story are you looking for?

Oh story lovers! I am considering where to focus my energies to craft meaningful stories, and your help is greatly appreciated.



What kinds of stories are you looking for the most, but are darned hard to find?
(As a bonus, a random person who answers will get an unreleased flash fiction story sent to you.
The questions are very short, and but a few.
Here goes:

What medium do you prefer? (short videos, longer films, interactive apps)
What length do you prefer? Do you want something you can digest in ten minutes, one hour, or are you looking for a story you can stay with for many days?
How about genre? Real-world contemporary, historical fiction, fantasy, sci-fi etc.?
Characters? Women, men, boys, girls, aliens. What kind of characters do you relate to the most?
What’s the best story you’ve experienced recently, in any medium?
How did it move you?
Do you have any other ideas that I haven’t mentioned?

Please write in the comments.

That’s it. Thanks!


B.T. Lowry

2 responses

  1. Hey B.T! Thank you for replying to my similar sort of question on my blog. I know I’m late, but I figured I would reply anyway. I would like to see stories that are short and crisp, in fantasy or sci-fi, with any types of characters – but since you’re male, maybe writing female would be more interesting or challenging. I haven’t seen you write poetry – that might be cool, too! Recently, the best story I’ve experienced was…The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath. It’s famous but I never read it before. It greatly explores what it is like to be in a depressed person’s mind. Plath’s writing is poetic and absolute genius. The book is short – say, 100 pages – but enchanting. I recommend it! The saddest part is that Plath committed suicide at age 30, instead of continuing to write, so we only have 1 book – but multiple poetry collections – to relish.


    January 13, 2016 at 4:57 am

  2. Wow that sounds like an intense story. I guess her descriptions of a depressed person’s mind are all too accurate.
    Funny you should mention it, I’m working on shorter stories now. Or rather, serialized stories, that come out in bursts of 10-20K words. Maybe audio books with music. Maybe with videos too… There are female characters in there too, but I’ll need to run them by an authenticator such as yourself to see if they work. Not much poetry yet though.
    I’d like to see your books coming out, one after another.


    January 14, 2016 at 12:00 pm

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