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What kind of story are you looking for?

Oh story lovers! I am considering where to focus my energies to craft meaningful stories, and your help is greatly appreciated.



What kinds of stories are you looking for the most, but are darned hard to find?
(As a bonus, a random person who answers will get an unreleased flash fiction story sent to you.
The questions are very short, and but a few.
Here goes:

What medium do you prefer? (short videos, longer films, interactive apps)
What length do you prefer? Do you want something you can digest in ten minutes, one hour, or are you looking for a story you can stay with for many days?
How about genre? Real-world contemporary, historical fiction, fantasy, sci-fi etc.?
Characters? Women, men, boys, girls, aliens. What kind of characters do you relate to the most?
What’s the best story you’ve experienced recently, in any medium?
How did it move you?
Do you have any other ideas that I haven’t mentioned?

Please write in the comments.

That’s it. Thanks!


B.T. Lowry