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Life Bound Friend by Ayla Nereo, Music Video

Hi there,

Have you ever had a song strike you so much that you want to make a video for it, to accompany the mood of the song with your own introspections?

Here is my video for the beautiful song, Life Bound Friend, by Ayla Nereo. The voice in the song, for me at least, is the call of someone no longer enmeshed in worldly turmoil, free enough to sympathize with their friend still caught up in it. Like the council of a genuinely kind and mature adult for a troubled youngster.

Without further ado, here it is:



When I was about twelve, two dear friends of my family were murdered. They were an elderly couple of the Baha’i faith, named Barb and Gord Scott.  They’d gone to South America to carry out missionary and charity work, and purchased a large van to transport needy people around. It was while driving in this van between cities that they were stopped by a gang of thieves. The men killed the elderly religious couple for their few possessions, particularly their wedding rings.

The news struck my mother hard. She is not a religious person, per se, but I would call her a person of faith. She wondered how this tragedy could be allowed to happen.

While she was crying at the kitchen table, face in her arms, she heard a voice, and had a kind of vision.

Barb Scott, alive and well despite the loss of her body, told my mother not to be grief-stricken. “There’s so much more than what we see here,” she said.

On another note, I’ll be going on a hiatus with my weekly scenes and such. I’m focusing my energies on flash fiction, a new novel, and experimental multimedia storytelling. So I’ll be posting more irregularly, at least for a while.

My well-wishes,

B.T. Lowry, aka. Venu Gopal das