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Call for co-creators

Hi everyoone,

Just a quick post to give you some news. I’m starting up a new site (soon to be announced) featuring creative services, media and courses. Most of my attention is going there these days, so this site here is getting less attention. I’m excited about this new project because I’m focusing more on collaboration, and on the business end of things. After deliberating about money quite a bit, I’m starting to see finances as a kind of fuel.

At the heart of creativity is, well, creativity and inspiration, and also relationships with the audience and co-creators. But business can be the engine to get my work out there and help me make more, and bring in other creative types. Creating and promoting: two halves of a chickpea.

That’s my view on it now, anyway.

So I’m putting out the call for co-creators. We’re talking animators, marketers, visual artists, musicians, writers, voice actors. I can’t pay you now. Sorry. I’m thinking of doing a royalty system, which gives you some skin in the game too. And as things grow, so can our projects.

I’ve been told finding collaborators is like dating.¬†So you need to have an idea of who you’re looking for, and be willing to meet different people to see if you’re a fit. Bring it on.

Until next time,

B.T. Lowry (which stands for Bevis Theodore Lowry, by the way)